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NDIS Registration Number: 4-4331-44

What is NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is for eligible Australians that are born with or acquire a permanent or significant disability. The NDIS funds reasonable and necessary supports and services that relates to a person’s disability to help them achieve their goals.

How do I register for the NDIS?

To find out if you, or someone you support may be eligible for the NDIS please check out the NDIS eligibility page: (link) Am I eligible | NDIS

What can I purchase from PQ Tasmania Healthcare Supplies under my NDIS funds?

PQ Tasmania Healthcare Supplies is registered to provide consumables. If you are eligible to purchase consumables this will be found under your ‘core’ support budget in your plan.

What are consumables you ask?

Consumables are everyday items you need directly relating to your disability support needs. Such as, continence related (this can be continence aids as well as bedding/seat protection), catheters and accessories, wound and skin care, nutrition and equipment, sanitising products.

Please note, not all products listed on our webpage will be covered under your NDIS plan. Please choose your products carefully and always check with your Plan Manager, Coordinator of supports or Local Area Coordinator if you are unsure.

Products that are classed as pharmaceuticals items are not covered by the NDIS. You can read more about this here: Pharmaceuticals | NDIS

More detail into consumables item breakdown can be found here (link) in the national consumables price guide.

How do I sign up with PQ Tasmania Healthcare Supplies?

Your NDIS funds are managed one of three ways, agency managed, plan managed or self-managed.

If self-managed, you can purchase your order right away and claim for reimbursement from NDIA.

If agency or plan managed, we require you fill out our quick and easy Service Agreement. Listed under our resources below or here, or we can also mail this out to you if you require. Once completed, please return your service agreement to NDIS@paraquadtas.org.au . Our NDIS Coordinator Georgie, will then create an account for you and notify you when orders can be placed.

NDIS Client Resources:

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Service Agreement (PDF)

Service Agreement (WordDoc)

– Welcome Pack

– Grievance & Privacy policies

– Code of conduct

– Complaints and feedback process

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