Some products cannot be transported by Australia Post Tempus

Dear Customer,

We have been advised that the items below cannot be transported by Australia Post.

  • MoliCare Skin Protect Foam 100ml
  • Aqium 1Ltr Antibacterial Hand Gel
  • Aqium 375ml Antibacterial Hand Gel
  • Tasmanian Hand Sanitiser 500ml
  • 50mL Tasmanian Hand Sanitiser Spray
  • Debug Hand Hygiene 500ml Pump
  • Microshield Angel Clear Hand Gel 500ml
  • Microshield Handrub 500ml
  • Molicare Skin Cleanse Foam 400ml
  • Peri Foam Skin Cleanser 200g
  • Webcol Alcohol Swabs Bx200
  • InHealth Alcohol Swabs 70%
  • Chlorhexidine in Alcohol 70% Pink 500mL
  • Avagard Antiseptic CHG Hand Rub Pink 500mL
  • Clinell Wipes Sachets Alcoholic 2% Chlorhexidine Wipes
  • Halyard Isowipe Wipes 42x14cm Tub 75
  • Halyard Isowipe Wipes Refill Pk 25
  • Bosistos Eucalyptus Spray 200g Can
  • Mikrozid Universal Wipes Pk120
  • ULTRA Aqium 1ltr Hand Sanitiser
  • ULTRA Aqium 375ml Hand Sanitiser

Please call our friendly sales team on (03) 6228 9500 to ask about alternative products if your only method of delivery is via Australia Post.