Urocare White-Silicone Tubing 5/16in


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Urocare Pliable White-Silicone Tubing 5/16in  (3m roll) 600831

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Urocare White Rubber Tubing 6008 (Contains Latex)

8mm internal diameter? 3 metres long.

Specific Product Features- 8mm internal diameter, Strong robust tubing material, Comfortable tubing as it is pliable, for use with the Uro-Con plastic inserts and Urocare condoms, Urocare bags or Male Urinal Sheath

Specific Product Information

The Urocare white rubber tubing is primarily used as the tubing part to attach a non lubricated condom. Insert the Uro-Con plastic insert into the condom at the end, push the White rubber tubing over this insert creating a seal between the tubing and the condom. A hole is then made in the condom through the Uro-Con plastic insert so that urine can flow to the drainage bag


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