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TENA Pads Ultrathin Mini 22.5×9.4cm 100ml (Pack 20) 760388

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TENA Ultra Thin Mini Pads Standard Length is a small, light absorbency pad. It is slightly longer than a liner but smaller than a full-sized incontinence pad. It is ideal for those unpredictable drips and light leaks so you can feel confident with the security you need and the discretion you want.

  • NEW Thinner Pads, 100% as sercure, 100% as absorbent.
  • Features TENA Triple Protection against leaks, odour and moisture. 
  • Fresh Odour Control to stop odours and keep you fresh throughout the day.
  • Asymmetrical shaped core offers a 3D fit which contours to the body for greater comfort, fit and security.

Recommended for:

  • Light to moderate stress incontinence when laughing, sneezing or coughing
  • Frequent drops throughout the day when changing is not an option
  • The sudden need to get to the toilet, often associated with menopause


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