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The Peristeen Plus balloon catheter accessory unit contains:

  • 15 balloon catheters
  • 1 water bag (excl. screw top)*

The water bag can be used up to 15 times. It is designed to stand on the floor and can be easily moved around using the large handle. The Peristeen Plus water bag has a water temperature indicator placed on the front. The water temperature indicator helps user with guidance on the suitable water temperature range for irrigation. If blue, the water is too cold, if red, the water is too hot. Green suggests you can proceed with the irrigation.

The catheter is for single use only. Therefore, use a new catheter each time you irrigate. The catheter is pre-coated for smoother, easier insertion and has a soft, inflatable balloon that sits inside the rectum during irrigation, so you don’t have to worry about holding the catheter in place.

* Please hold onto the screw top from the water bag you receive with your system, as it is not provided in the Peristeen Plus Accessory unit.


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