Microlax Enema 50 Pack


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Microlax Enema 5ml tubes – (Pack 50)

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Gentle, effective relief within 30 minutes
MICROLAX® Enema acts where it is supposed to act: in the rectum. The micro-enema is gentle, hygienic and hardly noticeable at all when inserted into the rectum because the round tube neck is thinner than a suppository.

The combination of active substances releases the water compounded in the stool, thus loosening up the stool. The result is predictable relief within 30 minutes, like a normal bowel movement.

The laxative takes action locally so it is unlikely to cause bowel habituation. MICROLAX® Enema is gentle acting and can be used for children under 3 years of age and pregnant women.

Each enema tube contains 5 ml of solution. This is equivalent to one teaspoon.


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