MDevices Leg Bag T-Tap NRV 750ml 30cm


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MDevices Leg Bag T-Tap Non-Return Valve 750ml 30cm tube w/ straps and fastener (UR175030)

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The Leg Bags are designed to provide discreet storage of urine under clothing. They are attached to the leg with silicone lined straps to prevent the bag from sliding down the leg. The bags are made from non-woven material, soft to the skin.

Product Features
• Discreet underneath clothing
• Easy to use T-Tap to empty bag
• Available in 350mL, 500mL & 750mL bag sizes
• Bonded stepped connector to tubing
• Anti-reflux valve
• Tubing lengths: 10cm, 30cm & 50cm
• Comfortable silicone lined straps for non-slipping
• Soft non-woven backing


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