Conni All-rounder Pad Charcoal 150cmx85cm


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Conni All-rounder Pad Charcoal 150cmx85cm CXAR-150085-25-1CH

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At 150 cm x 85 cm, the versatile Allrounder was designed precisely how the name describes it. The Conni Allrounder Pad purposes and uses are endless.

Protect your couch from kids snacking or dirty work clothes, use it horizontally or vertically on a bed, take it on holidays to pop on your lounge chair by the pool, pop in the back of the car for sandy fur babies after a day at the beach, use outside as a picnic mat, nappy-free time, breastfeeding, post-partum, our waterproof and absorbent pad has you and your family in mind. The Conni Allrounder Pad is not just another bed pad for incontinence and bedwetting.


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