Combur 10-Glucose Urine Strips


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Combur 10-Test® Glucose Indicator Urine Strips – (Box 100)

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Unique Design

  • The reagent paper and underlying absorbent paper are held in place on a stiff white carrier foil with a fine porous nylon mesh laminated to the foil itself
  • Unique sealing technology prevents from interferences of glue components
  • The mesh protects sensitive test areas against contact, contamination and abrasion
  • The mesh enables rapid and uniform penetration of urine into the test area, ensuring uniform color development
  • The absorbent paper prevents interference by absorbing excess urine and stops test area colors from running

Ascorbic Acid Protected

  • Alplication of iodate impregnated components prevent interferences from ascorbic acid (up to 750 mg/L)
  • Ascorbic acid protection avoids retesting and prevents false-negative results in glucose and blood even under high levels of ascorbic acid

Distinctive Sensitivity

  • Identification of even slight pathological changes in the urine
  • Improved reagent stability prevents false leukocyte results in the leukocyte test pad
  • Detection of even low concentrations of erythrocytes/ hemoglobin (5-10 Ery/ ¬µL)

Technical Specifications – Parameter combinations

  • Name: SG, pH, LEU, NIT, PRO, GLU, KET, UBG, BIL, BL

Test construction

  • Composition: Reagent paper and underlying absorbent paper are sealed with a thin porous nylon mesh and fixed to a carrier foil
  • Nylon mesh features: Protection from strip contamination. Homogenous liquid distribution and uniform color development. Prevention from falsification of the color by glue
  • Practical detection limit: Detection limit is made such that even slight pathological changes in the urine are made visible by a clear color change in the test area

Vial construction

  • Composition: Protection of test strips from atmospheric humidity with drying agent filled cap
  • Color Scale: Special colorfast printing colors on the vial label allow easy and reliable evaluation of the results


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