Known for providing the best in healthcare supplies from trusted brands, PQ Tasmania Healthcare Supplies also has products that can be used by anyone in everyday life. 

A new product, the Conni Allrounder Pad, is one such product.  

It’s not just another bed pad for continence and bed wetting. Conni says the pad (150 x 85cm) is also perfect to “protect your couch from kids snacking or dirty work clothes, use it horizontally or vertically on a ded, take it on holidays to pop on your lounge chair by the pool, in the back of the care for sandy fur babies, use outside as a picnic mat. Also for nappy-free time, breast feeding and post-partum.” 

The Allrounder Pad is lightweight, machine washable and tumble dryer safe.  

Get your “cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable alternative to disposable bed pads” today. 

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