I’ve received what looks like 2 invoices?


Our system generates a stock order notice when an order is received, it’s very similar to a sales invoice which is only produced after your order is assembled and items [...]

I’ve received what looks like 2 invoices?2020-10-13T16:22:55+11:00

What is a backorder?


Back orders are created when orders greater than our available stock is received. Generally, we receive regular resupply and will then forward your unfulfilled order to you once received. If [...]

What is a backorder?2020-10-13T16:22:52+11:00

Can I return a product I have ordered incorrectly?


It is not always possible to return incorrectly ordered items – Please refer to our returned good policy for full terms and conditions. Please call our customer service team who [...]

Can I return a product I have ordered incorrectly?2020-10-14T10:36:52+11:00

Can I collect my orders?


To mitigate any risks of COVID transmission, we have made the very difficult decision to suspend pick up orders until further notice. Orders will be delivered to your door by [...]

Can I collect my orders?2022-02-22T16:20:45+11:00

I’m with the NDIS, how do I place my order?


If you are registered with NDIS and wish to use PQTHS for your consumables we need a Service Agreement in place before you can place an order on the website. [...]

I’m with the NDIS, how do I place my order?2020-10-14T10:37:47+11:00

How do I access samples?


Samples can be arranged by calling our experienced customer service team 03 6228 9500 or email at sales@pqhealthcare.com.au and advise the nature of product sample you are interested in obtaining. [...]

How do I access samples?2020-10-14T10:38:31+11:00

Still couldn’t find the answer?


Still didn’t find the answer your looking for – please email us at sales@pqhealthcare.com.au and detail what exactly you are looking for. We will get back to you with an [...]

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